CMBA Churches, Pastors, and Staff

Below you will find a listing of the churches in Craig Mayes Baptist Association, along with their contact information.

  • Adair, First Baptist Church

    PO Box 159, Adair, OK 74330   Phone: 918-785-2843

    Sr. Pastor,  Sam Wilson         
    Minister of Music,  Zach Lozier

    Worship Leader for 2nd service, Ben Quick

    Minister of Youth,  Justin Heaton
    Minister of Children, Liz Farrar

  • Big Cabin Baptist Church

    PO Box 176, Big Cabin, OK 74332   Phone: 918-783-5531
    Sr. Pastor,  
    Associate Pastor/Minister of Music,  Tom Teel
    Minister of Youth,                                                                                                                                                    

  • Bluejacket, First Baptist Church

    PO Box 120, Bluejacket, OK 74333   Phone: 918-784-2574

    Sunday School 10:00 a.m., Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
    Sr. Pastor,  Austin Clark                                                                              
    Music Director,  Mary Floyd

    Preschool Director, 

  • Bunker Hill Baptist Church

    PO Box 536, Vinita, OK 74301  Phone: 918-256-2059

    Sr. Pastor,  Matthew Nielsen
    Minister of Music and Worship Leader,  Jerri Walker

  • Carter Baptist Church

    245 S Foreman St,  Vinita, OK 74301

    Sr. Pastor, Terry Wise
    Minister of Music, Roberta Hamm

  • Cedar Crest Baptist Church

    PO Box 576,  Locust Grove, OK 74352

    Sr. Pastor, 
    Minister of Music, 
    Minister of Youth, Mac Roberts

  • Chouteau, First Baptist Church

    PO  Box 580,  Chouteau, OK 74337     Phone 918-476-5311


    Sr. Pastor, Wayne Wall

    Assoc. Pastor, Minister of Young Adults, Cory Nicholas

    Minister of Music, John and Debra Clemmens

    Worship Leader, Sarah Clemmens

    Minister of Youth,  Kaleb McLain
    Minister of Preschool and Children, Meagan Nicholas

  • Cornerstone Faith

    14059 S Hwy 2, Bluejacket, OK 74333      Phone 918-788-3511

    Sr. Pastor, Carroll Hopkins

    Minister of Music, Florence Osborn

    Minister of Youth, Linda Hopkins

    Minister of Children, Linda Hopkins

  • Cowboy Gatherin'

    PO Box 563, Pryor, OK 74362

    Sr. Pastor, Roy Shoop    

    Assoc. Pastor, Tanner Shoop

    Minister of Music, Merrit Armitage & Terry Day

    Minister of Youth, Tanner Shoop
    Minister of Children, Tawna Mibb
    Minister of Preschool, Mary Scott

  • Dupree Community Baptist Church

    PO Box 1100, Vinita, OK 74301     Phone 918-256-8512


    Sr. Pastor, Chris Kralicek
    Minister of Music, Deanie Vaughn

  • Kelso Faith Baptist Church

    PO Box 233, Vinita, OK  74301

    Sr. Pastor, Bill Busch
    Minister of Music,

  • Ketchum, First Southern Baptist Church

    PO  Box 142, Ketchum, OK 74349

    Sr. Pastor, Kevin Lancaster

    Youth,  Kelsi Lancaster

  • Langley, First Baptist Church

    PO Box 202, Langley, OK 74350     Phone 918-782-2673

    Sr. Pastor, Davies Vanpool
    Minister of Youth, Matt Bendure

    Worship Leader, David Franklin

    Children's Director, Julie Vanpool

  • Locust Grove, Faith Baptist Church

    PO Box 1333, Locust Grove, OK 74352     Phone 918-479-2923

    Sr. Pastor, Stanley Henson

  • Locust Grove, First Baptist Church

    PO Box 52, Locust Grove, OK 74352      Phone 918-479-5200

    Sr. Pastor, Blake Wallace
    Minister of Music,       
    Minister of Youth, Will Anderson                 

  • Maybelle baptist church

    6299 S 4470 Rd, Welch, OK 74369

    Sr. Pastor, Lindey Leforce
    Minister of Music, Danny Handkins

  • Mazie, First Baptist Church

    206 D Avenue,   Chouteau, OK 74337     Phone 918-476-5791

    Sr. Pastor, Bobby Pineiro        

  • Pleasant Hope Baptist Church

    4845 W 370, Adair, OK 74330     Phone 918-785-2721

    Sr. Pastor, Keith McGowan
    Minister of Music, Tim Webb

    Minister of Youth, Bradley Thatcher

    Minister of Children, Andrea Hudson

  • Pleasant View Baptist Church

    PO Box 111, Pryor, OK 74362        Phone 918-825-4943     Web:


    Sr. Pastor, Andy Pilant
    Minister of Music,
    Minister of Youth, Caleb Slauf

  • Pryor, Coo-y-yah Baptist Church

    PO Box 1454, Pryor, OK 74362       Phone 918-407-3867

    Sr. Pastor, Ron Neal

    Worship Leader, 

  • Pryor, Exciting Southeast

    PO Box 1065, Pryor, OK 74362       Phone 918-825-0861


    Sr. Pastor, Rob Pierce

    Minister of Music and Campus Pastor, David Edwards
    Minister of Youth, Don Cochran, Trenton Pierce
    Minister of Children, Kayla McClure, Don Cochran

    Minister of Missions, Bryce Stafford

  • Pryor, First Baptist Church

    PO Box 885, Pryor, OK 74362        Phone 918-825-3232

    Sr. Pastor, Mike Cox
    Minister of Music and Senior Adults, Jim Bryant, Jr

    Minister of Children and Preschool, Kim Graham

  • Pryor, Heritage Southern Baptist Church

    PO Box 816, Pryor, OK 74362         Phone 918-824-2240         


    Sr. Pastor, Jerold Pilant

    Minister of Music, Wesley Froese
    Minister of Children, Danita Arrowsmith

  • Pryor, Life Fellowship Church

    905 SE 29th S, Pryor, OK  74361        Phone 918-824-4422


    Sr. Pastor, Stuart Henslee

    Worship Leader: Noah Cox

    Minister of Students, Adam Tomberlin

    Minister of Children, Tim Bendure

  • Salina, First Baptist Church

    PO Box 699, Salina, OK 74365        Phone 918-434-5335    


    Sr. Pastor, Steve Waechter
    Minister of Music, Robert Backward
    Minister of Youth, Nate Thompson

  • Salina, Lakeview Baptist Church

    PO Box 308, Salina, OK 74365-0308        Phone 918-434-5864


    Sr. Pastor, Johnnie Faught, Interim      
    Worship Leader, Michelle Belew
    Minister of Children, Contessa Sorum

  • Spavinaw, First Baptist Church

    PO Box 235, Spavinaw, OK 74366        Phone 918-589-2880

    Sr. Pastor, 
    Minister of Music, Jack Kidwell

  • Strang, First Baptist Church

    PO Box 165, Pryor, OK  74362       Phone 918-593-2367

    Sr. Pastor, Eldon Riley
    Minister of Music, Joe Paysinger
    Minister of Youth,
    Minister of Children, Darlene Brandon

  • Timberhill Baptist Church

    15356 S 4420 Rd, Bluejacket, OK 74333

    Sr. Pastor,  
    Minister of Music, Dennis Dalton

  • Utopia Baptist Church

    11275 N 441, Big Cabin, OK 74332        Phone 918-785-3551

    Sr. Pastor, Eric Troyer
    Minister of Music, Cody Sanders
    Minister of Youth, Cody Sanders

  • Vinita, Calvary Baptist Church

    PO Box 91, Vinita, OK 74301        Phone 918-256-3427

    Sr. Pastor, 
    Minister of Music, Betty Loveless

    Minister of Youth, 

  • Vinita, First Baptist Church

    321 W Illinois Ave, Vinita, OK 74301        Phone 918-256-7831

    Sr. Pastor, Cody Wells
    Minister of Youth, Theresa Martins
    Minister of Music, Matt Young
    Minister of Children, Charlotte Thulin

  • Vinita, Trinity Baptist Churc

    335 N Smith St, Vinita, OK 74301        Phone 918-256-6702

    Sr. Pastor, David Pifer

    Worship Leader, Nevelyn Barbarick

  • Vinita, White Oak Baptist Church

    155 N Jones St, Vinita, OK 74301        Phone 918-256-7028

    Sr. Pastor, Leland Bartlett
    Minister of Music, Wayne Jolly

  • Welch Baptist Church

    PO Box 261, Welch, OK  74369        Phone 918-788-3592

    Sr. Pastor, John Foley
    Minister of Music, Kellie Wallace
    Minister of Youth,
    Minister of Preschool,

  • Welch, Living Hope Baptist Church

    PO Box 123, Welch, OK  74369          Phone 918-803-0022

    Sr. Pastor, Gary Richardson

    Minister of Music, Teresa Kelley

    Minister of Youth, Shelly Anderson