• our mission statement

    Craig-Mayes Baptist Association exists to courageously unite our member churches to be on mission carrying the gospel into the world.  Three key words appear in this purpose statement that also appear on our logo; unity, courage, and mission.

    Unity is a word that is full of meaning.  We are united, not because we give to a common cause or are in close proximity to one another, rather we are united because we have a common purpose, passion and faith.  Our unity shows the world our love for one another and our love for Christ and serves to strengthen individual churches only because we are in this “momentary affliction” together.

    Courage is often the byproduct of unity.  Toiling alone can be a lonely and debilitating task but the addition of a co-laborer chases away these negative emotions and brings encouragement and strength. We are able to do more, reach farther, tell more people, and courageously engage our world when we work together. That is the simple genius of associational life.

    If the Mission is critical then we must work together to see it accomplished but not all in the Church (universal) agree on the mission.  Many have focused on good things like feeding the poor, clothes closets, increasing church attendance (all of which are praiseworthy ambitions) but they have forgotten the central truth of the Mission set before us; to go into the world and make disciples by winning the lost and teaching them to obey Christ. Craig-Mayes Baptist Association will always be committed to the central mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and carrying the gospel into the world together.

    Because this is the shared mission of Craig-Mayes Baptist Association churches it is our mission to join you in this task and to encourage others to join in this corporate work.  It is our prayer that we will always courageously strive united on mission for the glory of God.